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Serres Local Action Plan

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The project

The Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica (PEDA) have achieved its participation to the most popular program of the EU concerning the environment, the LIFE program, under the title “Local Authorities Alliance for Forest Protection”. The main purpose is the reinforcment of the role of Local Government in preventing and supressing forest fire.
The LIFE program is a program of high quality standards and strict evaluation criteria, that funds mostly innovative motions and, in particular, these that set as a goal the experience exchange and the highlighting of good practices in matters of environmental protection. Moreover, it promotes the trilateral cooperation (authorities, university-research institutes, private operators) as well as, the promotion of new technologies and telematics in the sector of protecting the environment.

Through this program, PEDA and the other participants will be able to study thoroughly what is being done for forest protection and the extinguishing of forest fires in the other south-Mediterranean European countries (Italy, Spain, S. France, Portugal and Cyprus) regarding the actions and powers of their local government and which of these can be practised creatively in our country, according to the current institutional framework and any improvements.

Also, the aim is to create a network of Municipalities which will promote the collaboration, the exchange of knowledge, the organisation of information campaigns, the reinforcement of volunteering for the protection of the forests. Via this network, the role of Municipalities in preventing forest fires will be strengthened whereas the development of a simplified information system will give the opportunity of dynamic valuation and prevention of fires locally by observing weather and climate changes.